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German lesson

German lesson

Dokumentarfilm, 7 Minuten, 16 mm, sw, Deutschland 2006

Director Mieko Azuma Cinematographer Sebastian Sorg Sound Milena Bonse Editing Mieko Azuma line producer Susanne Quester Production Mandarinenfilm Documentary, 7 Min., 16 mm, sw, Germany 2006


In a German language course of an adult education centre. “German is classy, German is stylish, romantic and emotional.” A Yugoslavian woman quietly repeats the word of the teacher. Neon lights brighten up the class room – it is evening. The adults become students here, they sit on small chairs that belong to thechildren of the school during daytime. Portraits of the children smile on the walls of the room. A Polish woman whispers in German to herself and looks anxiously at the teacher. The languages of the different foreign students change to German here. Their hesitation and accent when they speak shows their background stories and feelings.