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Documentary film with animated scenes , HD, 65 min, D 2018

Director Mieko Azuma und Susanne Mi-Son Quester Cinematographer Mieko Azuma Sound Susanne Mi-Son Quester Editing Melanie Jilg Sounddesign Cornelia Böhm Production Wolfgang Latteyer
Latteyer Film Production, supported by BKM, MFG and Funke Stiftung

WORLD PREMIERE on 30 October 2018 at DOK Leipzig

WHY I AM HERE tells the story of five protagonists, who as children were forced to leave their home and moved to a new life in a foreign country. Ahmad, the boy from Syria, who left from Arab War, Lena, the girl from Japan, who left from nuclear radiation in Fukoshima, Leila, the young woman from Bosnia, who left from Balkan war, Cacau, the young football player from Brazil, who left from poverty, and Ms Schiller from East Prussia, who left from 2nd World-War to start a new life in peace and safety.
They share their personal stories, visualized by animated sequences. Five international teams of animation artists visualized the individual stories of our protagonists.

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